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Wallie Dolms
2 months ago

Happy fingerboarders,

I would like to thank you for the griptape I buyed, and I'm gonna buy some more stuff for my selfmade fingerboard.

Thank you so much,

Jakub Reszka
4 months ago

Moja deska idzie już 2/3 miesiące kiedy doidzie?

Steve Jin
a year ago

Can you sponsor me I don't have money for finger boards or would your company be willing to give me one for free

Benjamin Grant
a year ago

Hi I'm a finger boarder from North Carolina and I wanted to thank u for sending me this amazing zebra wood deck and that it has lasted me for close to a year I wanted to ask one thing could u check out my YouTube not for free stuff or a sponsor I just wanted u to check it out and see what I could improve on if u have the time u could DM me at profb12 and bbernardgrant@icloud.com for email I have been fingerboardwheels for about 5 years and is trying to make my mark in the fingerboardwheels. community thx for your time kind regards from BENJAMIN or profb12 have a nice day

Clark Meadows
a year ago

Check me out if you have some time please
Happy New year


Diego montero
a year ago

Hi I am a YouTube person I am 12 years old and I live in San Diego I was hoping for u guys to sponsor me or send me something so I can show it and make a vid on YouTube if you can plz contact me I love your boards love u bye

Pim Veldman
a year ago

The best fingerboard company ever! So happy with my new fingerboard!

Laura Bears
a year ago

Hi Happy Fingerboarders,

I would like to thank you for the complete fingerboard! It's very good (I really like the shape of the deck) and cheap at the same time. Thank you so much!

Laura Bears

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