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clayton holbrook
2 months ago

hey I'm thinking your boarding for about 2 years and I was just wondering if you were still give out sponsorships maybe you could hook me up if I send you one of my videos I am currently using a Tech Deck because I used to have a wooden deck but it broke so I put the phone grip tape and the bearing wheels on my tech deck and that's what I've been sitting for about a month now and I'm 12 years old and I was just really like if you consider me being on your team thank you

Jacob Velasquez
2 months ago

Hello my name is Jacob Velasquez, I am a 14 year old fingerboarder. I'm from Orange County CA. I've been fingerboarding for about 7 years now and I've heard about a fingerboard company, "Happy Fingerboards" and I would LOVE to join you're guy's team. I believe i could make a spark in this company. I don't really go for free stuff, I would just love to have the feeling on being on a fingerboard team because I ALWAYS wanted to be on a fingerboard team. I really hope you guys get this message.(It wouldn't hurt to send a complete deck because I ride a p-rep right now, it's all beat up, only if you would like to)

3 months ago

Hi I love your products and I just want to say I fingerboard every day and love to learn new tricks if I could get a sponsor that would be great because I would love to take it to the next level and I can help promote the company because I make YouTube videos and Tik toks so like this onehttps://youtu.be/Y6d7qxnHyAw so if I could get a sponsorship that would be awesome thank you😀

Enzo Pizza
5 months ago

Bonjour, j'ai fait 2 commandes, une le 14 mars et l'autre le 1er avril. Je n'ai toujours rien reçu et vous ne répondez pas à mes mails...est ce normal? Merci

Charlie wilson
5 months ago

Hi my name is Charlie and I would like to ask permission to mention your fingerboard company on my YouTube channel and make a review.

6 months ago

I’m 12 years old, and I live in Texas, in my humble abode, fingerboarding every day. I’ve been looking join a team/get a sponsor, and I believe I have the skills to make the team. I will promote your products through social media, and I will send a sponsor tape if that’s ok with you.

Wallie Dolms
8 months ago

Happy fingerboarders,

I would like to thank you for the griptape I buyed, and I'm gonna buy some more stuff for my selfmade fingerboard.

Thank you so much,

Jakub Reszka
10 months ago

Moja deska idzie już 2/3 miesiące kiedy doidzie?

Steve Jin
2 years ago

Can you sponsor me I don't have money for finger boards or would your company be willing to give me one for free

Benjamin Grant
2 years ago

Hi I'm a finger boarder from North Carolina and I wanted to thank u for sending me this amazing zebra wood deck and that it has lasted me for close to a year I wanted to ask one thing could u check out my YouTube not for free stuff or a sponsor I just wanted u to check it out and see what I could improve on if u have the time u could DM me at profb12 and bbernardgrant@icloud.com for email I have been fingerboardwheels for about 5 years and is trying to make my mark in the fingerboardwheels. community thx for your time kind regards from BENJAMIN or profb12 have a nice day

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