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The wooden deck is made of 5 ply's and the middle ply is in the same color as the bottom ply. Choose your favorite color!

Bearing wheels, trucks (color is randomly chosen) and 2 sheets of griptape are included.

The 'dark wood' and 'stripes wood' fingeboards are nature products. Product images from these fingerboards are for illustrative purposes only and may differ a little bit from the actual product. 

We like to sell complete high quality fingerboards for low prices. Why? Just because we love fingerboarding!



Happy Fingerboarders will now start with fingerboard grab bags! Each grab bag will contain a complete 32mm fingerboard!

A special surprise package from Happy Fingerboarders! You never know what you'll get, but the value of the items in the grab bag is more than what you pay for!

We offer the grab bags in diffrent prices. They will start with € 15,-. You can also order one of € 20,- or € 25,-.