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Team member Slick Bricks:

Hi, I'm Slick Bricks! I'm a fingerboarder from New England and I'm sponsored by Happy Fingerboarders! I am in high school and have been fingerboarding for 4 years off and on until I decided to get serious and start a YouTube channel dedicated to fingerboarding. It started to grow slow until some of my videos started taking in tens of thousands of views! That how I was found and sponsored, I am very grateful for this opportunity and support Happy Fingerboarders all the way. ~Slick

Team member Pauline Demeur:

Hi, I'm Pauline and I'm 14 years old. I'm fingerboarding for 4 years now. One day I found this wonderful toy in the back of my wardrobe and thanks to it I discovered fingerboarding. Very quickly I decided to learn more seriously fingerboarding and I went trying to do more difficult tricks than with my skateboard. I like making videos about my best fingeboard tricks and publishing them on Instagram in order to be recognised as a professional. I'm very happy to be sponsored by Happy Fingerboarders! My dream....Participating to a fingerboard contest !